Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Guess I Made Him Lil' Young

I'll start by showing off the sculpt first.:

You know what I'm a useless creature. I elongate the production time. This sculpt should have completed in one week, and I took more like a month! Well, I have been learning new feature and some old techniques for sculpting, so shut your mouth and gulp it as an excuse from my side.

If you look at the sculpt, you would find some reasonable defects in the model. Like the chin. It's weird. Everybody told me it's... awful. But I like it, the way it is, even if it's not right. I didn't tried to keep the norms while making it. My main concern was detailing, and keeping it realistic.

I was supposed to sculpt an old person, and I hope 'it' is looking like an old man to you all. You can assume the fact that the person tries to keep his personality younger :P

For now the problem, the feats that lack to make it realistic, [technically speaking] the MatCap, the texture of hair [although I'm pretty impressed by facial hairs, which includes the eyebrow], facial structure, the realism of eyes.

Used it as my facebook profile pic :P

I have not researched upon making MatCaps [here's the link :D], and was hard for me to set the right skin color. Even the material used for the hair is the same as for the skin :( All I had was the gorilla MatCap I used in innOnster which was not good for hair).

Another thing I would like to mention and talk about the Renderer(s) in ZBrush. ZBrush 4R2 additionally has one new renderer by the name of BPR [Best Preview Renderer]

Personally, I felt Best Preview [Render-> Best] better than BPR. Probably I must be doing something wrong, but my personal experience implied me to this conclusion.
Here are some comparisons:

BPR vs. Best Preveiw (with WaxPreview ON)

BPR vs. Best Preview (with WaxPreview OFF)
I used layers too, and Layers are way different than I expected them to be. You can animate the transition. Actually they are called 3D Layers in ZBrush.

Check this out:

'3D' Layer Transitions
3D Layer did "way to easy way" to animate, and let's you save details separately and are editable. You can edit the intensity of the details you made through them. Just check out the link for thorough details.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Update Upon the Old Man

Got the problem solved, but with little loss. But I took care of it. I had to delete the higher sub division level and  then remodel the details.
Working hours are really small these days, like 2-3 hours. Trying to keep myself in a normal "daytime alive" bio-cycle. Most of the time I'm watching videos about occupy movement or reading about it. Also I came across a movie based upon the best fictional novel of all time: Atlas Shrugged, Part I.

Oh! Lastly, here's what I did in last two hours, completed the ear.:

Friday, November 11, 2011


Remember Bane!?

Figuratively, I created a monster. He's innocent and made into monster, not by choice.
My innOnster :P is not as strong as bane but goes around. I made it in one sitting, in two hours, that too when I got frustrated by complexities I was facing in the old man tutorial.

Check this out:


Edge Loops Menace

Suddenly out of nowhere ZBrush stuck on a very well placed bomb. While working on the old man face, I was supposed to work on making edge loops between some poly groups, and this is what happened!
Edge Loop Menace
Well let not go into detail, but it's a real mess. I don't know how to skip it and would have to wait for ZBrushCentral to respond to my problem.

I searched on net and found this video. Luckily, that guy has resolved his problem[I just checked]:

Let's hope he's right.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back On Z

Phew...long month ehh!
Well, for the whole month played Dragon age. I wanted to complete the game with a warrior and all the DLCs and expansions. Finally done with it. I reached level 35 at the end :) and now back to the business.

I was working on a small tutorial where I was supposed to make an alien ant using ZSphere. As I reached the end of the tutorial, I was supposed to rebuild the topology of the structure. This is because it "Remove Polygon Stretching and adjust the edge flow of your model".

Pixologic released their new version, ZBrush 4R2 which has developed a *system* name Dynamesh [yeah, ZClassroom was pretty particular while mentioning it as a *system* and not a *feature*]. This new feature helps you work on the mesh without worrying about rebuilding the topology.

So I was like WTF! Why should I waste my time just to learn to connect those dots [It was pretty tiring for connecting those point on the surface of the ant and rebuilding it]. Although [worth mentioning] I had wasted my time on it, but the results were awful. I had lost a lot of detailing in this process. I felt pathetic to redo the detailing again just for completing that tutorial.

So I felt to learn something new. I check my drives for other tutorials for working on ZBrush which *do not* waste time on topology.

Now this is what I'm learning right now.

Front View
It's not complete! I just uploaded for the sake of updating the blog.

It will be a sculpt of an old man. I think it will take me a little time to complete it through, unless I don't get distracted :P

Any argument would be appreciated.

Front Right View

Low-Right View

Front Left View

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Jelly-Khan

Damn No comments! Fuck!! Too much solitude! Ok Moving On...

The idea didn't started from jelly fish, but it got involved as I worked.I showed the screenshot in the previous post to my mom, and she described the sculpt as crab :P ,and those tentacles under the main body resembles the tentacles of a crab.

The tentacles on the head denotes more like horns on a bull, implying it as a head, i.e. king.
The face is not much detailed. I require to provide more detail over the eyes, below it and mustache region.

Well the pink structure looks more like a carpet [too thick!], rather than jelly. I wanted to merge an animal body with jellyfish. From inside, the surface I was meant to animal skin, and as you move to the ends, it should be jelly.
FYI, it's a cape!

The rear ends of the creature are broken bones. Over the broken bones, I have given a algae look and spot for making it more deep sea friendly. I consider it more like a dead part of the creature.
[It must be funny to admit that the dead part is a very colorful and lively]

The skin like tentacles under the main body, are supposed to be the tentacles of a jelly wish through which they move. Although I have made them small, they are strong.

What I don't like about the creature than it's round. From the sides, I gotta move in the vertices to just narrow down the shape.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scrapwork, Untitled

Guess what is it. Comment what you think it is.

Hint : Those black ends are tentacles.

P.S. : The color are not definite and don't get confused. For the first time I painted something on computer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Component, True Friend

This is another sculpt name "True Friend". One of the *components* of the side project [referred earlier]. It's incomplete for now.

The name says it all.

Hypocricy :X

It's a *prototype*. Cause, lmao, neither I'm totally sure I want to mean it :P There is some elements I haven't expressed [finding idea to express it visually, cause it's a painting not an audio log :P, of course] and finding idea to do.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wallpaper "Society"

The Way Society Show:

The Way Society Is: [I got scared]

Side Project: Means f Taking Out Anger

Before Explaining this project, I would like to introduce to the reason and the idea behind this project.

Since a small crisis in my life, when I was in around 16, I have been a very angry son. My parents were very protective and resourceful. But since that point of time, well, I was going through a phase of life where we see things through our own eyes and by our mind set [the way we thing; or the pre-existing intellect which helps us to understand the world] gave reason to the happening in my life.

My parents think that what I'm watching, listening, speaking is going to make me a bad person. Watching wrestling, gore filled games, and other means of extremism which a kid gets to expose. They were wrong to decide that such things ruins one's mind. Because, now if I think back, I had a conscious to make a judgement. But still, they tried their best to fuck me up and restricting what I was exposed to. They way they thought I would emerge, never happened.

Adolescence, is a very state every one goes through, and leads an adolescent to insecurity if not guided well.

Ok given you the circumstance I was going through, I would come to the right point and the reason behind this subsidiary.

I still do puke out my anger very easily [well depending on the person I'm angry on], But I have found various *means* to release the fuel. Many of my loopholes [loopholes: "the things/situation which makes someone angry"] I have mend. But still, it's in my nature to express it, and I've many more things in lifetime to see and accommodate to.

By far, I had found many ways to deal and distract with my rage. First of all, gaming. It's the big one, I still spent much of my time on it. Now the reason of playing has changed, but it was there when I wanted. Music, to be precise, hard rock, metal, industrial, thrash. Bands like LP, Metallica were some my favorite in that point of time. Writing letter, drawing illustrations while sitting idle; although not as much interest I took as former, but I'm just mentioning them for completion.

Now this project is just going to be digital paintings [or some other digital form], through which I'm going to express my perception and character. I have no degree [da fucking recognition], no kind of background and no kind of sophistication in the field of expression through paintings. I'm just going to be myself would try my best to get help to express.

My first *Concept* is going to be about the fact that my parents [I won't say in general situation, but in my situation, as everybody has different experiences] never understood me and never trusted my attitude towards everything, and how I tried to make understand, although unsuccessful.

I have sculpted one of the components of the painting. Not very detailed, just the basic figurine. I would display here to make this post little more interactive [I've already blabbered a lot!].

I have named this sculpt "Society":

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something Out of Sculptris: Women

Hi again!
Well, Today I just played around with Sculptris, well this night would be more precise. I just went on sculpting and got something interesting, well I've left the *understanding* up to you :D

Just sharing what I created in minutes:

Something New: Sculptris

For a change, I was just browsing about Pixologic, well cause I was fascinated about the interface of it and thought of knowing the developer better. Although unsuccessful, I found something good! *Sculptris*!

What I would recommend, to everybody, just to get your hands on Sculptris, play around, and have fun.

You can download the free Alpla 6 version from here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting started with ZBrush

Hmmm... ZBrush. I may have mentioned earlier that I have started using it, but now, seriously, I have. When I was working on Enzo, I took a little time off from modelling and was watching some introductory videos about ZBrush.

Although, I was low with amount of tutorials and vids, but now I've enough to start studying and create better models through ZBrush.

What I believe is, from a developer's POV, a project never ends. I would go back [Maybe...] to previous projects of mine and would spent little time to make them look better. For instance, I'm not good in making textures, and then using the new slate material editor [3ds max], rigging, UVs and the important one, animation.

Hopefully, I would be in touch and keep myself updated in this blog.

Seeya' roun ;-D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enzo, Getting Bored

After spending two days doing nothing, just nothing, I have decided to stop working on Enzo. Aahh! Kinda tired of working on it. I'm just left with rigging the model and then well, animation. Well fuck with technical, I'm bored of life. Don't find pleasure in much things these days, gotta resurrect my passion.

ttyl :D
[ Don't feel like saying anything more ]

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Own Registration Plate

Hah! First I created a logo to put on all the images as a watermark, and then I created a smaller logo just to put it on the wheels, well...just to replace the Fookari Logo :P

Then I thought, what about the registration plate? Well I didn't had to work hard upon it as I already had the logos to put up on the plate. So it went smooth and easy.

Enzo, Lights :((

Uhh...I found this part to be the most vague and imperfect. I was supposed to add one large single, circular head light, and below it a small surface for indicator. What I actually did was much more different that the original image.

I know they really suck :(
One elliptical light with four small light combining to give a bad look of main headlight. Below it, is a small, lol, *large* indicator, even larger than the main headlight. Weird right?

And these tail lights! Damn, I feel like I copied them from Audi [although I did not], The tail lights looks like real mess. I was supposed to created two cylindrical tailight and then making a shallow depth on the body of the car [as I had discussed in the past blog]. But the body lacked that number of vertices so that I could have modeled them as in the original [you can blame on me for lack of awareness and skills, and...lack of smartness :D ]. The tail lights are the real mess. I just extruded inside the body and got the tail light box, and then I just started playing with the polys to give a so-called-detailed shape.

[ Probably all these messy thing didn't made me feel to write this blog earlier :D ]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh oh!

Hello...errr...Readers. Damn! I haven't updated the progress. By now, I have completed the modelling and texturing of Ferrari Enzo. But I was not able to update the blog.
Ok Here are some rendered pics of the car I have made. The important thing left with car is rigging, such that the next process in the development, i.e. animation, gets easy.

As I recall, the last thing I discussed was about modelling wheels :D Lol I have come too far from that. I have modeled a weird set of head lights, My own registration plate :P with my logo, and of course used mental ray architecture properties to give appropriate material look to each mesh in the scene.

For the next time, I would be discussing all the above and rigging as I have not discussed them.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crossed Million Polys Markup XD

I just included a detailed version of wheels, with good tyres and stylized disc brakes. Actually four of these :P I haven't even started on side mirrors and light [possibly more of detailing]. Already fucked it up.

Lol! Why to give a damn! Let's see what happens!

Enzo, Wheelie

I enjoyed shaping these wheels. 4hr(s) of fun. Easy though. I created them in a separate file for making as a template.

Used a tube, initially, for the rubber tires, and then I detached the internal surface for working on the wheel.

Working on them was lot easier most of the section are symmetric, what you do at one place is to be done at another [x4].
Used bump mapping over the rubber tyre. The procedure is usually to adjust the map through UVW mapping and then copying this map to bumps.

These days, my working hours are reduced. Studying Mentalray[did that last week] and ZBrush, they would be a requirement to take my designs to next levels. but like always, spending time enjoying life with no insecurity of future :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Enzo, Lower Body

Didn't work for much time, just edited the surface for smoothness. Check out the following:

Lower Frame:
The surface under the car and the wheels. Just extruded the edges from the side and then connected/capped the two giant circles to cover up behind the wheels. Then I simply extruded those edges again to cover the area under the car.

From the back, you will observe the curvature of the lower surface. That's just to cover the curved surface behind the rear bumper.

Side Skirts Vents:
After applying the detailing for the door, I realized I missed them. It took a little long and finally got the shape; Although they are longer than in the original car.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enzo, Main Body Detailing

I have skipped the blog entry for yesterday. I did work on Enzo but was not in mood for posting :D Met some friends and had been hanging out. For past two days I've been working on details. I guess the shaping of the main body is complete, all left is the detailing.

In some portions I had to make some major changes to accommodate some details. In some portions I have modified the original design of Enzo, I would blame my observation as I didn't paid heed in the earlier stages of shaping. Hence I thought of modifying a 'little' from the original design.

Cut(s) in the section:

You will observe the cutting(s) are inaccurate; different from the original design [blame on my observation :( ]. The door are smaller and the cut(s) are very straight.

I studied two techniques of creating those: One is to detach the polys and the extrude the respective edges; Other is to make two parallel edges, running along the surface, and extrude the polys inside. Rather applying both at the right place, I applied the second manner in every place.

As I'm not working on interiors [for now], I was not in mood to detach them and rename them [and then giving a hierarchy between objects]. What I felt, detaching would be beneficial when I'm working on interiors of the car and animation of the object [which I hope to learn, cause my next project is going to be on ZBrush].


Just a single piece, not complete. The bigger problem than shaping these is the depression in the model. Gotta find some real good idea to shape them.

Another thought, the surface of the lights are rough, aligned parallel lines. I thou
ght of shaping them [being silly and stupid] but then I thought of two more better solution: bump maps and modifiers, which would be considered in the later phase.

Major Modification:

I had to expand the rear of the car. While adjusting the taillight, I observed that I left no space for the depression below the lights.It gave more space for lot many things :P

They look very very small. The original one has one smooth and straight, running along the surface of the car. I would modify and would add more like these, just to accommodate with the looks.

Side Vents:
I knew they were the diamonds on the car. Adding mesh over the depression would make them look better, gotta make them more deep.

Roof & Rear:

This is the detail over the top, and figure below show the space for indicator and registration plate. Piece of Pie.