Monday, September 12, 2011

Enzo, Lights :((

Uhh...I found this part to be the most vague and imperfect. I was supposed to add one large single, circular head light, and below it a small surface for indicator. What I actually did was much more different that the original image.

I know they really suck :(
One elliptical light with four small light combining to give a bad look of main headlight. Below it, is a small, lol, *large* indicator, even larger than the main headlight. Weird right?

And these tail lights! Damn, I feel like I copied them from Audi [although I did not], The tail lights looks like real mess. I was supposed to created two cylindrical tailight and then making a shallow depth on the body of the car [as I had discussed in the past blog]. But the body lacked that number of vertices so that I could have modeled them as in the original [you can blame on me for lack of awareness and skills, and...lack of smartness :D ]. The tail lights are the real mess. I just extruded inside the body and got the tail light box, and then I just started playing with the polys to give a so-called-detailed shape.

[ Probably all these messy thing didn't made me feel to write this blog earlier :D ]