Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Jelly-Khan

Damn No comments! Fuck!! Too much solitude! Ok Moving On...

The idea didn't started from jelly fish, but it got involved as I worked.I showed the screenshot in the previous post to my mom, and she described the sculpt as crab :P ,and those tentacles under the main body resembles the tentacles of a crab.

The tentacles on the head denotes more like horns on a bull, implying it as a head, i.e. king.
The face is not much detailed. I require to provide more detail over the eyes, below it and mustache region.

Well the pink structure looks more like a carpet [too thick!], rather than jelly. I wanted to merge an animal body with jellyfish. From inside, the surface I was meant to animal skin, and as you move to the ends, it should be jelly.
FYI, it's a cape!

The rear ends of the creature are broken bones. Over the broken bones, I have given a algae look and spot for making it more deep sea friendly. I consider it more like a dead part of the creature.
[It must be funny to admit that the dead part is a very colorful and lively]

The skin like tentacles under the main body, are supposed to be the tentacles of a jelly wish through which they move. Although I have made them small, they are strong.

What I don't like about the creature than it's round. From the sides, I gotta move in the vertices to just narrow down the shape.