Sunday, August 12, 2012

Done with sculpting

Tah Dah!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Update Upon A.N.N.A.

Well, just thought of updating with my progress on him. Have added torso armor, hand armor and a thigh plates. I hope getting the topologized parts back in dynamesh would help [ you dunno what i'm talking bout right :D go read Paul's new book!].

Had a terrible night working on the legs [two days back]. I was just not able to get the right edge flow to get the parts out. Made like 3-4 concepts whole day.

Below you'll find some render I made in ZBrush. Thought of playing with lightCap before going to bed.

Got the muscles in places, used the rake and clay tubes brushes to just get a muscle look.

the eye? FYI, it's still a WIP!

ears? or pads?


front, eyeless

Rear, just love the angle

Bottom low cam, his armor

If I check on my current status over project, I'm left with hard surface detailing, inserting accessories, a tail and umm...oh yes! lots of render time!

Seeya' roun ;-D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A.N.N.A. lmao!

it's a WIP. Would put updated content when the idea is completed.

Named him A.N.N.A. :D, grabbed that name from Family Guy. By now I've used hard surface techniques and trying to find more idea to reduce my development time and creativity. Trying my best to stick only to ZBrush and I have. Thing are way too easy in Zbrush.

Proto Vest.

Base Body of Alien

Saturday, May 19, 2012



Good things take less time to sculpt. Sculpted in 30 min and then composited in 15mins.


I've been weeping over this one for two good days.

I started out working on the body first, thin hands and slender torso, much like a person on drugs. for last two days had a problem with connecting net, so didn't had much of reference images to study upon. Although its more detailed that I decided, but gives a good creepy look on his face.

Poly count of the head is around 6mil+ and luckily my machine is giving a great support.
I have not started working on the eyes but they are going to be deep black like any humanoid.

Screen grab showing the detailing of the head
The best part of the face are the cracks on his head. Really enjoying sculpting those.

Ahh! the detailing. Rough though

Side face, the messed up side

bottom, rear, top of the head

Full body, front

Come to think of it, this was not so bad

Saturday, April 21, 2012


While sculpting my current self made project. I realized a significant point in my idea that I was ultimately copying. Although I was deducing all the elements in my own ways, but suddenly it's not working.

A better excuse I can put up that since last two days I'm lacking anatomical study, which is not allowing me to be accurate on my sculpt.

This, thing

The Head is Cool

But I suck at sculpting body

is an overkill. He looks so funny.

Initially I did had in my mind to make a thin body, but it is not fitting with a large bull like [actually its Ram :( ] head. So I had to change my plans with a heavy, mean, killing, muscular body which I'm not good.

Well here are some more snaps:

Base Mesh

I guess the Goatee made my mood

Let's see what happens.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cognomen of Nitin

So my friend Nitin Puri, A new born talented music producer wanted to reshape his look. For him the first desire was to get an identity mark through which he will publish his music. He triggered an alias 'nYnK'. Although unsatisfied, he also created 'Lush Garden' mentioning that each alias would be used for different genres, like 'nYnK' for trance and 'Lush Garden' for house music.

His debut EP is around the corner and trying his best to get his work done as soon as possible. So I thought of giving him a hand. Well whatever he desired, my job was to give him look, a logo which he would be able to use for his work and art, something which resembles his work and profession.

So I come up with initial idea:

Raw idea
Initially I had to make him sit and discuss what are his requirements. So we came up with the basic idea.
he find the 'nYn' pretty cool and was 'good to go' from start. But lacked some qualities, like the 'K', fine I gave it a look of digital waves but its looking like a 'K'. pretty weird from my side.

So in the next iteration, I try to make 'K' look like 'K':
Foreplay with the idea
I modded the headphones and the 'Y' just to give it more techie look. Those are the left and right ears on 'Y'. I gave a little diaphragm shape to the headphones. From my side, I was not satisfied, 'N' were cool, but the Y's jack and the wire were to be given some shape and form to fit with the aesthetics, and of course not forgetting the uneven 'K'.

I concentrated on 'Y' this time and got this idea:
wh 'Y'
I made the vertical lines bolder. But [there's always a 'but' in my mind, never satisfied :) ] what about the 3.5 jack? It didn't fit with the theme. they are just boxes going small.

It's always good to find something out of your process and tryout different. So out of the way I went to just drawing something and came up with this:
Everything fits Perfectly
I find it pretty cool out of the way. and Nitin said " 'y' does not looks 'Y' ". Damn! maybe he's right, but I'm not trying to attract the common, people who do understand would understand it, and it's not like I'm trying to convey secret messages like the Illuminati, roflmao! So I don't see whether its *not* understandable.

Moving on:

This is the final output of the process.
Finally he won't trouble me :D
Well...this is it. This is just the basic, formal improvised look, Surely I'm going to paint it :D

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Component: True Friend

Let me start out by presenting the sculpt I made in sculptris:

Front Left

I made this back when I was introduced myself to sculptris. It is the component of the portrait I was supposed to [got lazy] create, with the sculpt society.

This and the sculpt society represents the way I express and understand.

It took just 2hrs for me to sculpt what I had in mind. but I didn't thought of posting it as I didn't fully completed it. All remains is the semi-organic and semi-synthetic look, which is concluded by texturing and poly-painting in ZBrush.

Rear Right
This sculpt supposedly dual faced. One which is before you and the one behind you. The sculpt represents my characteristics and additionally my imaginary content of a person, who is honest, bluntly truthful, and knows how to understand and use wisdom.

The head is like an ashtray, and that's the vagina inside it. That's the most important quality. Well not having a vagina, but the sensitivity towards understanding. The ashtray symbolizes the readiness of the person to openness.

I hope to keep this blog updated.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Been a long time I ever wrote another blog post on this walls. I left my job last month and now sitting at home and playing L.A. Noire. Pretty good gameplay.

It came into my mind to put up a new post [well it was looking kinda empty to me]. By now I have decided to learn a few more web designing languages and some more composite software like After Effects, match making software like Boujou.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Compliment Sandwich

Stewie: Now, I’m going to do something I like to call the ‘Compliment Sandwich' Where I say something good, talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good.

That's on of my favorite scene from Family Guy where Stewie starts his own company in his small room :D
Well It's been a long time since I posted some *sandwiches* on this blog.I've been very busy and lazy to put up a new post. But I've been active on the Facebook page of this blog. So make sure you subscribe to my Facebook page too [even if you don't like it]. I got myself a new laptop with a little better config compared to my MeaN-ManchinE. i5 processors does a pretty good job with ZBrush and Mental Ray rendering. I also got a job as a Web Designer, and lets hope things work out <3

Ok let me warm up:

1. Deadly Sun:
Deadly Sun. Very Initial Image

Deadly Son

I made two wallpapers. Both of the illustrate the concept of "Deadly Sun". The one in red, i named it as "Deadly Son". Huh! not much of a difference in name but the son one is more bloody. That orange like thing [son] in the middle is surrounded by alien like tentacles, which signify as the rays from the Sun.

T'was a pretty easy to made it in ZBrush and took me only half hour to build the base model of the concept I had in mind.

Following, I made a facebook cover for my profile, where I used this model:


I named it 'Limelight' [since I'm under the influence of two son <3 ]

Hmmm...This gives me an idea, I think it's time for redecorate this blog.

2. Err...A Frog ?? As an *Angel*! Lmao :P

Frog Angel. I gotta find a better name for this masterpiece.

Pathetic right? :P