My parents named me Romel Salwi. I don't know why they did, but for an Indian kid it's pretty unusual for having a German Name.
I reside in New Delhi, India.

I have a very great interest in computers and playing with it since very small age. I keep finding new software and play around with them. Here's a list of software I've tackled with:
Creative Development:
♥ Autodesk 3DSMAX, Maya, MentalRay, Maxwell;
♥ Pixologic ZBrush, Sculptris;
♥ TopoGun;
♥ After Effect;
♥ RealFlow;
♥ Adobe Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5;

Programming Platform:
♥ C++, especially Visual C++;
unfortunately, little bit of VB.NET;
HTML5, CSS, jQuery;

My interests keep growing day-by-day as I learn out from life and internet.
Currently I'm in love with 3D sculpting and abstract art.

In my free time I love playing games, ranging from Action RPGs to Fast FPS, researching about hot and cold topics of the millennium. I'm a big fan of Razer. I owe an Imperator [looking forward to buy Naga Epic], Vespula, Nostromo and Moray. I recently started twitting and kinda big fan of the non-stop updates I get all the time.

You can catch me on:
twitter: @_lemor_
facebook: intractablehighbrow
deviantart: romelsalwi
Seeya' roun ;-D