Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting started with ZBrush

Hmmm... ZBrush. I may have mentioned earlier that I have started using it, but now, seriously, I have. When I was working on Enzo, I took a little time off from modelling and was watching some introductory videos about ZBrush.

Although, I was low with amount of tutorials and vids, but now I've enough to start studying and create better models through ZBrush.

What I believe is, from a developer's POV, a project never ends. I would go back [Maybe...] to previous projects of mine and would spent little time to make them look better. For instance, I'm not good in making textures, and then using the new slate material editor [3ds max], rigging, UVs and the important one, animation.

Hopefully, I would be in touch and keep myself updated in this blog.

Seeya' roun ;-D