Monday, August 29, 2011

Crossed Million Polys Markup XD

I just included a detailed version of wheels, with good tyres and stylized disc brakes. Actually four of these :P I haven't even started on side mirrors and light [possibly more of detailing]. Already fucked it up.

Lol! Why to give a damn! Let's see what happens!

Enzo, Wheelie

I enjoyed shaping these wheels. 4hr(s) of fun. Easy though. I created them in a separate file for making as a template.

Used a tube, initially, for the rubber tires, and then I detached the internal surface for working on the wheel.

Working on them was lot easier most of the section are symmetric, what you do at one place is to be done at another [x4].
Used bump mapping over the rubber tyre. The procedure is usually to adjust the map through UVW mapping and then copying this map to bumps.

These days, my working hours are reduced. Studying Mentalray[did that last week] and ZBrush, they would be a requirement to take my designs to next levels. but like always, spending time enjoying life with no insecurity of future :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Enzo, Lower Body

Didn't work for much time, just edited the surface for smoothness. Check out the following:

Lower Frame:
The surface under the car and the wheels. Just extruded the edges from the side and then connected/capped the two giant circles to cover up behind the wheels. Then I simply extruded those edges again to cover the area under the car.

From the back, you will observe the curvature of the lower surface. That's just to cover the curved surface behind the rear bumper.

Side Skirts Vents:
After applying the detailing for the door, I realized I missed them. It took a little long and finally got the shape; Although they are longer than in the original car.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enzo, Main Body Detailing

I have skipped the blog entry for yesterday. I did work on Enzo but was not in mood for posting :D Met some friends and had been hanging out. For past two days I've been working on details. I guess the shaping of the main body is complete, all left is the detailing.

In some portions I had to make some major changes to accommodate some details. In some portions I have modified the original design of Enzo, I would blame my observation as I didn't paid heed in the earlier stages of shaping. Hence I thought of modifying a 'little' from the original design.

Cut(s) in the section:

You will observe the cutting(s) are inaccurate; different from the original design [blame on my observation :( ]. The door are smaller and the cut(s) are very straight.

I studied two techniques of creating those: One is to detach the polys and the extrude the respective edges; Other is to make two parallel edges, running along the surface, and extrude the polys inside. Rather applying both at the right place, I applied the second manner in every place.

As I'm not working on interiors [for now], I was not in mood to detach them and rename them [and then giving a hierarchy between objects]. What I felt, detaching would be beneficial when I'm working on interiors of the car and animation of the object [which I hope to learn, cause my next project is going to be on ZBrush].


Just a single piece, not complete. The bigger problem than shaping these is the depression in the model. Gotta find some real good idea to shape them.

Another thought, the surface of the lights are rough, aligned parallel lines. I thou
ght of shaping them [being silly and stupid] but then I thought of two more better solution: bump maps and modifiers, which would be considered in the later phase.

Major Modification:

I had to expand the rear of the car. While adjusting the taillight, I observed that I left no space for the depression below the lights.It gave more space for lot many things :P

They look very very small. The original one has one smooth and straight, running along the surface of the car. I would modify and would add more like these, just to accommodate with the looks.

Side Vents:
I knew they were the diamonds on the car. Adding mesh over the depression would make them look better, gotta make them more deep.

Roof & Rear:

This is the detail over the top, and figure below show the space for indicator and registration plate. Piece of Pie.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Freaking Sunday

Currently It's 4:09 AM and full of sleep. Last night I overslept like 12hrs :P Had a lot of body pain and was not feeling to do anything but sleep :D
I tried going out for sometime, had a puff. Tried watching movies and American Dad, even after that I was not able to understand my impatience. What I realize that I was not trying to work or get busy with some stuff, just kill some more time relaxing. But it's our life, whatever we do, 'we do' with the constant of time passing by. Now it's up to you how you spend it. BTW, I woke up by 11am, the usual time, but was in no mood to sit before this machine today.

I started working on Enzo around 4pm. Probably, I think, I would blame all this fluctuation, because the day was Sunday. I fucking hate this day cause, first of all, mom is at home. All day long she just keep annoying about little stuff. Next thing would be the fact that it is Sunday, so some or the other person would jump back in home. One more reason would be, but I doubt it to be valid, is that in past couple of years, on weekdays we spent time in college, then we were left with weekends free, but with no activity. Maybe that state of mind still resides.

Usually I prefer spending out this day with friends, just for a ride in car or just a small walk around neighborhood [with at least two puff], or one of my favorite hobby, gaming :P I have spend a lot of time in my life playing games, and in my predicament, I have chosen games as my career. I would like to mention that I do not only know how to play games but I am also aware of the various sections of any game, how they are developed, what kind of personnel you would require [at least I know what kind of software he should know], how the whole project is managed. But the most important question is the concept. A car works only when you fuel up the tank with gas. In same manner, you would require a great story line, great concept art, great game play and interaction and finally a great look. I have spent a month thinking about this fuel. But I have also came up with a feeling that these games can be the next source of knowledge. People play games with such a great concentration that they would leave all the troubles behind and drown themselves in the depths of the fantasy. I won't say fantasy, would rather say, the scenarios, the NPC, the conversations, the wisdom involved while playing games really help the person to keep himself in other's shoes.

(I think I would continue this discussion later on when I would be in mood to type. Feeling awfully sick and sleepy)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enzo, Roof and Frame

This would be the 4th day on this project. Last day I was busy being lazy and
thought of doing some other stuff. In last post, I forgot to mention the lower section I made. It gave a very cool look to the car from the rear.

Today, or since 1pm, I have made the roof, the windshield frame, and many other modification to the main body.

Nothing much to it, just extruded the edges and made a polygon, and then just shaped them. I used a shell modifier to give them some width.

Windshield Frame:
I created a shape [spline] out of the outer edges of the windshield. Then I created pol
ys which would be then extruded along the spline I just created. This frame would give a hard boundary to the windshield and the side windows, would rather say 'made them look

Rear Lower Exhaust Vents:
This part was pretty interesting than the earlier work. This part consists of both hard and soft features and gave a very sharp detail in the rear.

Right now I'm working on the side window frame. In Enzo, the side window frame is divided into two : bottom+ sides [single curve] and top [straight and broad]. For the lower part I would just extrude and detach polys from the main body which would give a basic shape to it, and for the top I decided to extract polys from the roof and then give shape.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enzo, Windows

Yesterday, I was surprisingly was tired, Went dead around 12. Day started around 11am, the usual time, and the routine followed. By morning, downloaded two more Micheal Moore's documentary and had them every time I took a break.

OK back to business, first I led my impatience dominate over, thought of detailing the main body, So I completed the lower middle section of front middle vent. I guess that completes the basic front model. The spoiler is the only mesh left at the rear to model which I think can be modeled later.

What is left is the center part of the body, the windshield, side windows, and rear one.

Usually, for ease, main body is modeled first before creating the windows. This makes the task more easier as It allows to extract boundary [as splines] for the windows. I think I wanted to do the reverse. I was more concerned about the shape and smoothness of the window.

I used NURBS for them. The only problem with them is triangles, but they give the best smooth detail for the windshield on the expense of high poly count. The side windows were created by patch, as it won't require much of smoothness.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enzo, Main Body

By now, this is where I have reached. The main body frame, including the vents in the hood and rear engine.

The front and the rear parts were easy. Just had to shape the poy according to the blueprints and images.

The one mistake I made had cost me lot, I made the front and rear portions with two separate primitive, due to which I had to spent a lot of time adjusting the edges and vertices to be at proper place.

It may sound easy but the problem was the complexity of the details on the sides where two large vents exist. Real pain in ass. I had to separately model those two vents and then move on to attach those two modeled poly. That is where I had to adjust the point to look fair. For me, at my current skill level, the most of the time was spent on finding the right tool for correctly compensating those two polys to look better after applying NURMS [Probably am exaggerating].

One more mistake I made was impatience. I started working on details before making the body. Probably I was impatient to see the result, and went on smoothening the edges. But when finally I merged the two polys [front and rear], I had to remove the extra edges.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ferrari Enzo, This Time.

This would be the third ride in my modelling session, I seriously started working on 3DSMAX in mid june. Started building with simple stuff like swiss army knife, my mousepad, and some simple objects at home.

1st Step, Samples and Blueprints :

Fortunately, didn't spent much time on finding sample images for this car. Got enough images from

The last time I started modelling this car, I saw blueprints were not enough for modelling the car. Enzo had a lot of vents; on the hood, on front and rear, which I left out while modelling.

About the blueprints, I got new ones. The earlier one were not much detailed as these are. Probably the reason I failed the first time I modelled this car.