Monday, July 23, 2012

Update Upon A.N.N.A.

Well, just thought of updating with my progress on him. Have added torso armor, hand armor and a thigh plates. I hope getting the topologized parts back in dynamesh would help [ you dunno what i'm talking bout right :D go read Paul's new book!].

Had a terrible night working on the legs [two days back]. I was just not able to get the right edge flow to get the parts out. Made like 3-4 concepts whole day.

Below you'll find some render I made in ZBrush. Thought of playing with lightCap before going to bed.

Got the muscles in places, used the rake and clay tubes brushes to just get a muscle look.

the eye? FYI, it's still a WIP!

ears? or pads?


front, eyeless

Rear, just love the angle

Bottom low cam, his armor

If I check on my current status over project, I'm left with hard surface detailing, inserting accessories, a tail and umm...oh yes! lots of render time!

Seeya' roun ;-D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A.N.N.A. lmao!

it's a WIP. Would put updated content when the idea is completed.

Named him A.N.N.A. :D, grabbed that name from Family Guy. By now I've used hard surface techniques and trying to find more idea to reduce my development time and creativity. Trying my best to stick only to ZBrush and I have. Thing are way too easy in Zbrush.

Proto Vest.

Base Body of Alien