Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jake, WIP I

For the sake of challenge, I glided to work on a genre. Somehow my usual theme is Cyberpunk or bio-mechanical.

So time for something new! Steampunk!
Searched for references for four days, never really felt content with it, if i speak personally. Started creating low poly assets in Maya cause I knew it will get complex and expensive in the end, which actually took a week in total.

Rear view, this is the mechanism inside the head.

Artistically, sure I can go beyond and get the job done in a week more, but I guess I'm looking for something more. The hardest part is the defining and applying the mechanism (to some extend if you lack vision). To support my research, check this video:

Yeah I wish I found this video early before in production, found it two days ago!
Anyway, I'll update more about my assets and research in next update, Jake is surely going to take a while :)

P.S. I made some illustrations out of these WIPs. Check them out: Jake on dArt
I put all three illustrations in a deviant art package.


Ah! Floating gears! So surreal!

That the Jake's left eye in front.

You're so nerd!

Concepted armor over the mech.

Three box view of the face.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shining Star

I had a great opportunity to create an album art for a single by Smigonaut and Andrea. I went so crazy with their music that I create a short video as a trailer for the single.

You can checkout the artist(s) over here:

ZBrush played a major role in development. I started by creating a star fish shaped mesh over which I snapped the custom insert meshes trail. I created three different custom insert brushes.

The material itself is a MatCap captured out of LightCap. That's one feature I love about ZBrush! creating abstract materials.

For the movie, I imported the song in ZBrush and created Beat Markers. That helped in syncing the animation with audio. Next phase was to setup the BPR settings with appropriate filters. I also extracted a mask for the animation by using flat render mode. The mask helped me creating a little motion blur in After Effects using The Foundry's Kronos.

Here's the final video:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Handy, I

I started out building concept sketches
with proper attributes in mind.

The idea was to create a mechanical character
with just hands and a hovercraft. 

This is the final concept accepted by my teacher.
After complete 7 hours of ZBrushing, this was
the final draft I created for my teacher.
Showing off the various features just to make it more understandable.

After the draft was accepted, I went further
and added the 'hover device'.

After creating the final character, I went further
and took out renders from ZBrush.

The intention was to show the scale of the character and
to get a better idea for look development.