Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back On Z

Phew...long month ehh!
Well, for the whole month played Dragon age. I wanted to complete the game with a warrior and all the DLCs and expansions. Finally done with it. I reached level 35 at the end :) and now back to the business.

I was working on a small tutorial where I was supposed to make an alien ant using ZSphere. As I reached the end of the tutorial, I was supposed to rebuild the topology of the structure. This is because it "Remove Polygon Stretching and adjust the edge flow of your model".

Pixologic released their new version, ZBrush 4R2 which has developed a *system* name Dynamesh [yeah, ZClassroom was pretty particular while mentioning it as a *system* and not a *feature*]. This new feature helps you work on the mesh without worrying about rebuilding the topology.

So I was like WTF! Why should I waste my time just to learn to connect those dots [It was pretty tiring for connecting those point on the surface of the ant and rebuilding it]. Although [worth mentioning] I had wasted my time on it, but the results were awful. I had lost a lot of detailing in this process. I felt pathetic to redo the detailing again just for completing that tutorial.

So I felt to learn something new. I check my drives for other tutorials for working on ZBrush which *do not* waste time on topology.

Now this is what I'm learning right now.

Front View
It's not complete! I just uploaded for the sake of updating the blog.

It will be a sculpt of an old man. I think it will take me a little time to complete it through, unless I don't get distracted :P

Any argument would be appreciated.

Front Right View

Low-Right View

Front Left View