Sunday, September 25, 2011

Side Project: Means f Taking Out Anger

Before Explaining this project, I would like to introduce to the reason and the idea behind this project.

Since a small crisis in my life, when I was in around 16, I have been a very angry son. My parents were very protective and resourceful. But since that point of time, well, I was going through a phase of life where we see things through our own eyes and by our mind set [the way we thing; or the pre-existing intellect which helps us to understand the world] gave reason to the happening in my life.

My parents think that what I'm watching, listening, speaking is going to make me a bad person. Watching wrestling, gore filled games, and other means of extremism which a kid gets to expose. They were wrong to decide that such things ruins one's mind. Because, now if I think back, I had a conscious to make a judgement. But still, they tried their best to fuck me up and restricting what I was exposed to. They way they thought I would emerge, never happened.

Adolescence, is a very state every one goes through, and leads an adolescent to insecurity if not guided well.

Ok given you the circumstance I was going through, I would come to the right point and the reason behind this subsidiary.

I still do puke out my anger very easily [well depending on the person I'm angry on], But I have found various *means* to release the fuel. Many of my loopholes [loopholes: "the things/situation which makes someone angry"] I have mend. But still, it's in my nature to express it, and I've many more things in lifetime to see and accommodate to.

By far, I had found many ways to deal and distract with my rage. First of all, gaming. It's the big one, I still spent much of my time on it. Now the reason of playing has changed, but it was there when I wanted. Music, to be precise, hard rock, metal, industrial, thrash. Bands like LP, Metallica were some my favorite in that point of time. Writing letter, drawing illustrations while sitting idle; although not as much interest I took as former, but I'm just mentioning them for completion.

Now this project is just going to be digital paintings [or some other digital form], through which I'm going to express my perception and character. I have no degree [da fucking recognition], no kind of background and no kind of sophistication in the field of expression through paintings. I'm just going to be myself would try my best to get help to express.

My first *Concept* is going to be about the fact that my parents [I won't say in general situation, but in my situation, as everybody has different experiences] never understood me and never trusted my attitude towards everything, and how I tried to make understand, although unsuccessful.

I have sculpted one of the components of the painting. Not very detailed, just the basic figurine. I would display here to make this post little more interactive [I've already blabbered a lot!].

I have named this sculpt "Society":