Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enzo, Main Body Detailing

I have skipped the blog entry for yesterday. I did work on Enzo but was not in mood for posting :D Met some friends and had been hanging out. For past two days I've been working on details. I guess the shaping of the main body is complete, all left is the detailing.

In some portions I had to make some major changes to accommodate some details. In some portions I have modified the original design of Enzo, I would blame my observation as I didn't paid heed in the earlier stages of shaping. Hence I thought of modifying a 'little' from the original design.

Cut(s) in the section:

You will observe the cutting(s) are inaccurate; different from the original design [blame on my observation :( ]. The door are smaller and the cut(s) are very straight.

I studied two techniques of creating those: One is to detach the polys and the extrude the respective edges; Other is to make two parallel edges, running along the surface, and extrude the polys inside. Rather applying both at the right place, I applied the second manner in every place.

As I'm not working on interiors [for now], I was not in mood to detach them and rename them [and then giving a hierarchy between objects]. What I felt, detaching would be beneficial when I'm working on interiors of the car and animation of the object [which I hope to learn, cause my next project is going to be on ZBrush].


Just a single piece, not complete. The bigger problem than shaping these is the depression in the model. Gotta find some real good idea to shape them.

Another thought, the surface of the lights are rough, aligned parallel lines. I thou
ght of shaping them [being silly and stupid] but then I thought of two more better solution: bump maps and modifiers, which would be considered in the later phase.

Major Modification:

I had to expand the rear of the car. While adjusting the taillight, I observed that I left no space for the depression below the lights.It gave more space for lot many things :P

They look very very small. The original one has one smooth and straight, running along the surface of the car. I would modify and would add more like these, just to accommodate with the looks.

Side Vents:
I knew they were the diamonds on the car. Adding mesh over the depression would make them look better, gotta make them more deep.

Roof & Rear:

This is the detail over the top, and figure below show the space for indicator and registration plate. Piece of Pie.