Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enzo, Roof and Frame

This would be the 4th day on this project. Last day I was busy being lazy and
thought of doing some other stuff. In last post, I forgot to mention the lower section I made. It gave a very cool look to the car from the rear.

Today, or since 1pm, I have made the roof, the windshield frame, and many other modification to the main body.

Nothing much to it, just extruded the edges and made a polygon, and then just shaped them. I used a shell modifier to give them some width.

Windshield Frame:
I created a shape [spline] out of the outer edges of the windshield. Then I created pol
ys which would be then extruded along the spline I just created. This frame would give a hard boundary to the windshield and the side windows, would rather say 'made them look

Rear Lower Exhaust Vents:
This part was pretty interesting than the earlier work. This part consists of both hard and soft features and gave a very sharp detail in the rear.

Right now I'm working on the side window frame. In Enzo, the side window frame is divided into two : bottom+ sides [single curve] and top [straight and broad]. For the lower part I would just extrude and detach polys from the main body which would give a basic shape to it, and for the top I decided to extract polys from the roof and then give shape.