Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enzo, Windows

Yesterday, I was surprisingly was tired, Went dead around 12. Day started around 11am, the usual time, and the routine followed. By morning, downloaded two more Micheal Moore's documentary and had them every time I took a break.

OK back to business, first I led my impatience dominate over, thought of detailing the main body, So I completed the lower middle section of front middle vent. I guess that completes the basic front model. The spoiler is the only mesh left at the rear to model which I think can be modeled later.

What is left is the center part of the body, the windshield, side windows, and rear one.

Usually, for ease, main body is modeled first before creating the windows. This makes the task more easier as It allows to extract boundary [as splines] for the windows. I think I wanted to do the reverse. I was more concerned about the shape and smoothness of the window.

I used NURBS for them. The only problem with them is triangles, but they give the best smooth detail for the windshield on the expense of high poly count. The side windows were created by patch, as it won't require much of smoothness.