Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Freaking Sunday

Currently It's 4:09 AM and full of sleep. Last night I overslept like 12hrs :P Had a lot of body pain and was not feeling to do anything but sleep :D
I tried going out for sometime, had a puff. Tried watching movies and American Dad, even after that I was not able to understand my impatience. What I realize that I was not trying to work or get busy with some stuff, just kill some more time relaxing. But it's our life, whatever we do, 'we do' with the constant of time passing by. Now it's up to you how you spend it. BTW, I woke up by 11am, the usual time, but was in no mood to sit before this machine today.

I started working on Enzo around 4pm. Probably, I think, I would blame all this fluctuation, because the day was Sunday. I fucking hate this day cause, first of all, mom is at home. All day long she just keep annoying about little stuff. Next thing would be the fact that it is Sunday, so some or the other person would jump back in home. One more reason would be, but I doubt it to be valid, is that in past couple of years, on weekdays we spent time in college, then we were left with weekends free, but with no activity. Maybe that state of mind still resides.

Usually I prefer spending out this day with friends, just for a ride in car or just a small walk around neighborhood [with at least two puff], or one of my favorite hobby, gaming :P I have spend a lot of time in my life playing games, and in my predicament, I have chosen games as my career. I would like to mention that I do not only know how to play games but I am also aware of the various sections of any game, how they are developed, what kind of personnel you would require [at least I know what kind of software he should know], how the whole project is managed. But the most important question is the concept. A car works only when you fuel up the tank with gas. In same manner, you would require a great story line, great concept art, great game play and interaction and finally a great look. I have spent a month thinking about this fuel. But I have also came up with a feeling that these games can be the next source of knowledge. People play games with such a great concentration that they would leave all the troubles behind and drown themselves in the depths of the fantasy. I won't say fantasy, would rather say, the scenarios, the NPC, the conversations, the wisdom involved while playing games really help the person to keep himself in other's shoes.

(I think I would continue this discussion later on when I would be in mood to type. Feeling awfully sick and sleepy)