Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enzo, Main Body

By now, this is where I have reached. The main body frame, including the vents in the hood and rear engine.

The front and the rear parts were easy. Just had to shape the poy according to the blueprints and images.

The one mistake I made had cost me lot, I made the front and rear portions with two separate primitive, due to which I had to spent a lot of time adjusting the edges and vertices to be at proper place.

It may sound easy but the problem was the complexity of the details on the sides where two large vents exist. Real pain in ass. I had to separately model those two vents and then move on to attach those two modeled poly. That is where I had to adjust the point to look fair. For me, at my current skill level, the most of the time was spent on finding the right tool for correctly compensating those two polys to look better after applying NURMS [Probably am exaggerating].

One more mistake I made was impatience. I started working on details before making the body. Probably I was impatient to see the result, and went on smoothening the edges. But when finally I merged the two polys [front and rear], I had to remove the extra edges.