Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ferrari Enzo, This Time.

This would be the third ride in my modelling session, I seriously started working on 3DSMAX in mid june. Started building with simple stuff like swiss army knife, my mousepad, and some simple objects at home.

1st Step, Samples and Blueprints :

Fortunately, didn't spent much time on finding sample images for this car. Got enough images from http://www.streetracersonline.com/articles/enzo/

The last time I started modelling this car, I saw blueprints were not enough for modelling the car. Enzo had a lot of vents; on the hood, on front and rear, which I left out while modelling.

About the blueprints, I got new ones. The earlier one were not much detailed as these are. Probably the reason I failed the first time I modelled this car.