Sunday, March 11, 2012

Component: True Friend

Let me start out by presenting the sculpt I made in sculptris:

Front Left

I made this back when I was introduced myself to sculptris. It is the component of the portrait I was supposed to [got lazy] create, with the sculpt society.

This and the sculpt society represents the way I express and understand.

It took just 2hrs for me to sculpt what I had in mind. but I didn't thought of posting it as I didn't fully completed it. All remains is the semi-organic and semi-synthetic look, which is concluded by texturing and poly-painting in ZBrush.

Rear Right
This sculpt supposedly dual faced. One which is before you and the one behind you. The sculpt represents my characteristics and additionally my imaginary content of a person, who is honest, bluntly truthful, and knows how to understand and use wisdom.

The head is like an ashtray, and that's the vagina inside it. That's the most important quality. Well not having a vagina, but the sensitivity towards understanding. The ashtray symbolizes the readiness of the person to openness.

I hope to keep this blog updated.