Saturday, April 21, 2012


While sculpting my current self made project. I realized a significant point in my idea that I was ultimately copying. Although I was deducing all the elements in my own ways, but suddenly it's not working.

A better excuse I can put up that since last two days I'm lacking anatomical study, which is not allowing me to be accurate on my sculpt.

This, thing

The Head is Cool

But I suck at sculpting body

is an overkill. He looks so funny.

Initially I did had in my mind to make a thin body, but it is not fitting with a large bull like [actually its Ram :( ] head. So I had to change my plans with a heavy, mean, killing, muscular body which I'm not good.

Well here are some more snaps:

Base Mesh

I guess the Goatee made my mood

Let's see what happens.