Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cognomen of Nitin

So my friend Nitin Puri, A new born talented music producer wanted to reshape his look. For him the first desire was to get an identity mark through which he will publish his music. He triggered an alias 'nYnK'. Although unsatisfied, he also created 'Lush Garden' mentioning that each alias would be used for different genres, like 'nYnK' for trance and 'Lush Garden' for house music.

His debut EP is around the corner and trying his best to get his work done as soon as possible. So I thought of giving him a hand. Well whatever he desired, my job was to give him look, a logo which he would be able to use for his work and art, something which resembles his work and profession.

So I come up with initial idea:

Raw idea
Initially I had to make him sit and discuss what are his requirements. So we came up with the basic idea.
he find the 'nYn' pretty cool and was 'good to go' from start. But lacked some qualities, like the 'K', fine I gave it a look of digital waves but its looking like a 'K'. pretty weird from my side.

So in the next iteration, I try to make 'K' look like 'K':
Foreplay with the idea
I modded the headphones and the 'Y' just to give it more techie look. Those are the left and right ears on 'Y'. I gave a little diaphragm shape to the headphones. From my side, I was not satisfied, 'N' were cool, but the Y's jack and the wire were to be given some shape and form to fit with the aesthetics, and of course not forgetting the uneven 'K'.

I concentrated on 'Y' this time and got this idea:
wh 'Y'
I made the vertical lines bolder. But [there's always a 'but' in my mind, never satisfied :) ] what about the 3.5 jack? It didn't fit with the theme. they are just boxes going small.

It's always good to find something out of your process and tryout different. So out of the way I went to just drawing something and came up with this:
Everything fits Perfectly
I find it pretty cool out of the way. and Nitin said " 'y' does not looks 'Y' ". Damn! maybe he's right, but I'm not trying to attract the common, people who do understand would understand it, and it's not like I'm trying to convey secret messages like the Illuminati, roflmao! So I don't see whether its *not* understandable.

Moving on:

This is the final output of the process.
Finally he won't trouble me :D
Well...this is it. This is just the basic, formal improvised look, Surely I'm going to paint it :D

Stay tuned.