Monday, July 23, 2012

Update Upon A.N.N.A.

Well, just thought of updating with my progress on him. Have added torso armor, hand armor and a thigh plates. I hope getting the topologized parts back in dynamesh would help [ you dunno what i'm talking bout right :D go read Paul's new book!].

Had a terrible night working on the legs [two days back]. I was just not able to get the right edge flow to get the parts out. Made like 3-4 concepts whole day.

Below you'll find some render I made in ZBrush. Thought of playing with lightCap before going to bed.

Got the muscles in places, used the rake and clay tubes brushes to just get a muscle look.

the eye? FYI, it's still a WIP!

ears? or pads?


front, eyeless

Rear, just love the angle

Bottom low cam, his armor

If I check on my current status over project, I'm left with hard surface detailing, inserting accessories, a tail and umm...oh yes! lots of render time!

Seeya' roun ;-D