Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've been weeping over this one for two good days.

I started out working on the body first, thin hands and slender torso, much like a person on drugs. for last two days had a problem with connecting net, so didn't had much of reference images to study upon. Although its more detailed that I decided, but gives a good creepy look on his face.

Poly count of the head is around 6mil+ and luckily my machine is giving a great support.
I have not started working on the eyes but they are going to be deep black like any humanoid.

Screen grab showing the detailing of the head
The best part of the face are the cracks on his head. Really enjoying sculpting those.

Ahh! the detailing. Rough though

Side face, the messed up side

bottom, rear, top of the head

Full body, front

Come to think of it, this was not so bad