Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jake, WIP II

Things have been going pretty well, (hopefully, :) that's one problem you face when you make vague concept).

Following the concept I created in ZBrush, I've managed to move to the torso and arms of Jake.

Rear, without head mask
By now, I've created like 50 different insert meshes enclosing the theme of steampunk.

 One thing I realized while using so many insert meshes, I haven't added hard surfaces. That's a big withdrawal. The ones I've added I'm not so convinced by them. Additionally high resolution detailing! Where did I loose that thought! Baroque ornaments! Oh yes! That's one thing I want to put into Jake.

Side face, without head mask

Side face

Full view
 I guess I didn't like what I did with his head mask. Got to spend more time on conception. That's one choas I'm facing for now.
Full view with head mask