Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jake, WIP I

For the sake of challenge, I glided to work on a genre. Somehow my usual theme is Cyberpunk or bio-mechanical.

So time for something new! Steampunk!
Searched for references for four days, never really felt content with it, if i speak personally. Started creating low poly assets in Maya cause I knew it will get complex and expensive in the end, which actually took a week in total.

Rear view, this is the mechanism inside the head.

Artistically, sure I can go beyond and get the job done in a week more, but I guess I'm looking for something more. The hardest part is the defining and applying the mechanism (to some extend if you lack vision). To support my research, check this video:

Yeah I wish I found this video early before in production, found it two days ago!
Anyway, I'll update more about my assets and research in next update, Jake is surely going to take a while :)

P.S. I made some illustrations out of these WIPs. Check them out: Jake on dArt
I put all three illustrations in a deviant art package.


Ah! Floating gears! So surreal!

That the Jake's left eye in front.

You're so nerd!

Concepted armor over the mech.

Three box view of the face.