Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jake: Material Creation Workflow

I won't say it was easy,
neither I would say its tough
As I wrote the previous blog entry about integrating Mari and Vray in my workflow, I asked myself, why I didn't uploaded my progress!? I completely rant about UVlayout and Vray being so cozy but I forgot to add pics related to that subject.

So here are some.

What I'm trying is realism. Ofcourse practically he's impossible to exist but I really love giving my dude a tint of realism, atleast I try and work upon reaching that extent :) That's my passion which won't let me give up.

In accordance with the style of steampunk, there are two- four basic metal material I found in my research: brass, copper, iron, steel (probably) and there derivative like wrought iron, stainless steel, painted metals and the list goes on.

First of all breakdown your materials! That's one important thing I learnt while I was working on Slave project, but I was not successful as I'm currently on this project. You need to find references, go out and click pictures of the objects you find interesting, research on internet. See how the material reacts to light, what is its color, what are the specific details like corrosion, brushed texture, etc.

What you're seeing are the
basic materials I created
In my research, Metals can be brushed, polished, distressed or corroded, but not completely chrome in the act of reflective. If you just keep it completely reflective, you loose realism. You really need to bump up your reflections to destroy those good looking reflections on the object. If you won't succeed in finding the right texture for the bumps, the material won't succeed to support the diffuse texture.

What I did, first created the base metals, brass, copper, silver, I didn't really went for gold, brushed steel, scratched dark looking iron. I added respective bump, texture and spec maps to the material group. Gave them specific texture like corrosion, wrought painted texture, specific bump details, and some extra features.

Next time I would talk more about my rendering and lightening workflow. I've started working on the environment and hoping to complete in next two days.

Jake himself
I love the way those exhausts are coming out