Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jake, Just Jake

Well the story is not completed yet. As I'm writing this blog, a high resolution render is being processed.
In my last update I was stuck on the feets. I've completed the character and moving on to material creation and texturing. Using Vray, rather than MentalRay this time. I should say it's way more comfortable than MentalRay (Although Maxwell render is way too comfortable, but it's unbaised). I'm also finding excuses to use Mari this time. Breaking those hard bends by painting bump maps would be cool and would loose him some edge!

I think two weeks back I completed modelling.
About 7 million poly before decimation.
Too good features to get you the right render quality with less effort. Linear workflow is very manageable, you don't have to be busy adding gamma correction nodes all the time. Memory efficient. Distributed rendering was pretty easy to setup. It has lot of pros over MentalRay.

For now I'm having trouble setting up RealTime engine of Vray (for some reason I'm getting "scene is empty" error in the console).

One silly thing I got to learn about my workflow: UVs!
I never bothered myself to learn to create them. Although I'm pretty much aware of their existence, but ZBrush really handled that part pretty well! In my earlier projects, I never really bothered myself in painting textures. But this time, as I would be, I had to read the 'how to' manual.

UVlayout is good if you want to create UVs manually and in a controlled manner, but not good for complex geometry. In that case you spent almost all your time cutting and re-cutting edges to find the right unwrap. ZBrush's UV master helped me in this process. select the geometry, GoZ it, Unwrap it, and then GoZ back to Maya! That it.

Anyways, Here are some more renders: