Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shining Star

I had a great opportunity to create an album art for a single by Smigonaut and Andrea. I went so crazy with their music that I create a short video as a trailer for the single.

You can checkout the artist(s) over here:

ZBrush played a major role in development. I started by creating a star fish shaped mesh over which I snapped the custom insert meshes trail. I created three different custom insert brushes.

The material itself is a MatCap captured out of LightCap. That's one feature I love about ZBrush! creating abstract materials.

For the movie, I imported the song in ZBrush and created Beat Markers. That helped in syncing the animation with audio. Next phase was to setup the BPR settings with appropriate filters. I also extracted a mask for the animation by using flat render mode. The mask helped me creating a little motion blur in After Effects using The Foundry's Kronos.

Here's the final video: