Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Guess I Made Him Lil' Young

I'll start by showing off the sculpt first.:

You know what I'm a useless creature. I elongate the production time. This sculpt should have completed in one week, and I took more like a month! Well, I have been learning new feature and some old techniques for sculpting, so shut your mouth and gulp it as an excuse from my side.

If you look at the sculpt, you would find some reasonable defects in the model. Like the chin. It's weird. Everybody told me it's... awful. But I like it, the way it is, even if it's not right. I didn't tried to keep the norms while making it. My main concern was detailing, and keeping it realistic.

I was supposed to sculpt an old person, and I hope 'it' is looking like an old man to you all. You can assume the fact that the person tries to keep his personality younger :P

For now the problem, the feats that lack to make it realistic, [technically speaking] the MatCap, the texture of hair [although I'm pretty impressed by facial hairs, which includes the eyebrow], facial structure, the realism of eyes.

Used it as my facebook profile pic :P

I have not researched upon making MatCaps [here's the link :D], and was hard for me to set the right skin color. Even the material used for the hair is the same as for the skin :( All I had was the gorilla MatCap I used in innOnster which was not good for hair).

Another thing I would like to mention and talk about the Renderer(s) in ZBrush. ZBrush 4R2 additionally has one new renderer by the name of BPR [Best Preview Renderer]

Personally, I felt Best Preview [Render-> Best] better than BPR. Probably I must be doing something wrong, but my personal experience implied me to this conclusion.
Here are some comparisons:

BPR vs. Best Preveiw (with WaxPreview ON)

BPR vs. Best Preview (with WaxPreview OFF)
I used layers too, and Layers are way different than I expected them to be. You can animate the transition. Actually they are called 3D Layers in ZBrush.

Check this out:

'3D' Layer Transitions
3D Layer did "way to easy way" to animate, and let's you save details separately and are editable. You can edit the intensity of the details you made through them. Just check out the link for thorough details.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Update Upon the Old Man

Got the problem solved, but with little loss. But I took care of it. I had to delete the higher sub division level and  then remodel the details.
Working hours are really small these days, like 2-3 hours. Trying to keep myself in a normal "daytime alive" bio-cycle. Most of the time I'm watching videos about occupy movement or reading about it. Also I came across a movie based upon the best fictional novel of all time: Atlas Shrugged, Part I.

Oh! Lastly, here's what I did in last two hours, completed the ear.:

Friday, November 11, 2011


Remember Bane!?

Figuratively, I created a monster. He's innocent and made into monster, not by choice.
My innOnster :P is not as strong as bane but goes around. I made it in one sitting, in two hours, that too when I got frustrated by complexities I was facing in the old man tutorial.

Check this out:


Edge Loops Menace

Suddenly out of nowhere ZBrush stuck on a very well placed bomb. While working on the old man face, I was supposed to work on making edge loops between some poly groups, and this is what happened!
Edge Loop Menace
Well let not go into detail, but it's a real mess. I don't know how to skip it and would have to wait for ZBrushCentral to respond to my problem.

I searched on net and found this video. Luckily, that guy has resolved his problem[I just checked]:

Let's hope he's right.